PDF to Word Converter

How To's

This article is sponsored by Cometdocs and I giving the chance to test out their platform that does so many things but one thing I focused on is it’s PDF to Word conversion. In case you want to try the application out as the review is going on, it is available on Android, iOS and on web for your computer and it’s basically the same process.

The Hype

I have never used any conversion app before and I have to admit that I was unrealistically nodding to the fact that it won’t work well. They said it will convert from PDF to Word document so clean and exactly the same. Okay I will give it a try.

The Truth

Before we get into how to use this application, it has a paid version and the only difference between that and the free one is that you have to wait and I mean wait for it to finish conversion and download it back on your device.

Is it worth the upgrade? You first have to know why you want to use it, is it once in a month conversion or business grade conversion? You get the point, your choice.

How to use it

I got some (3) PDF documents from my PC through there Gmail method of uploading file, they also have Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and iCloud too. The file is kind of distinct, one has table, the other list and finally the combination of the two. The reason is to detect whether after conversion, it still follows the Word document structure.

After downloading the app and uploading, I got my converted files back in your case you might have to wait a while. The first thing I noticed was the file size after conversion, each file lost about 60 to 70% of its original size in PDF. Is that good or bad? Let find out and bring the files back to PC.

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It works

It does exactly what they said it was going to do. I don’t have to explain everything to you one by one, just check out the images below and verify.

You have to say something..